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Me, myself and my GPS

You would think, as an “orienteerer” that I would instinctively know location and direction at all times. Sadly not. Unless either up a mountain, or in a forest- I can’t seem to find my way out of the proverbial paper bag.

So I rely on several GPS devices.  Firstly the Garmin in my car.  Can’t go anywhere without it.  And that’s not to say I’m good at using it either.  But between us we’ll find our way.  I’m ok if I have the address to plug in, or have the location stored in Favourites.  But if I have to actually locate it on the map.  Nah. I canny do it Captain.

And really, I don’t use my GPS watch to it’s full capacity either.  I’m not a fan of wearing a watch. So often forget to wear it until the last minute.  Only to find it’s out of charge. Err.  But it’s good to use in competitions when I can’t bring my phone and use my FAVOURITE GPS tracker- my Runkeeper.

My Precious Runkeeper

I recently read an article on the health hazards of these running devices. That we apparently don’t trust ourselves anymore, and that “the act of exercise is no longer a mind-to-body experience but rather a mind-to-fitness-tracker-device-to-body phenomenon”.  But for me personally- who cannot afford, or have time to go to, a Personal Trainer, finds that I need the little LED to tell me that I’m slower or faster than yesterday. And it’s up to me to then process that information.  Maybe it was the wrong time of day to run, or I was wearing the wrong footwear.

These fitbits, watches etc can give you a very skewed report about your health.  as they rely on rather loose metrics, some of which you may have entered yourself.  But  they do illustrate one thing.  That you are serious about your health.  And that it’s a motivator to you and me.  So yes, I like posting my runkeeper results online.  I really do like the encouragement I get from my friends through it.  And I think, for me, it’s a support that I need.


The battle between listening to your own body’s needs versus letting technology tell you what your body needs has been around for quite some time. Sometimes we all just need to look in the mirror. Me? I’ll keep looking at whatever motivates me to try harder, get fitter, be healthier.


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