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Private Catering

Are you having a party but want to spend the day enjoying the build up and getting yourself ready? Instead of stressing in the kitchen and having to dash to the shops for last minute ingredients! Let me take all that worry away by delivering your dishes to your door.  All your need to add is the appetite.


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Fridge Fill

Each month I take a look at what vegetables are in season and build the freezer fill suggestions around this, ensuring, you the customer is getting freshest food, tasty and lovingly prepared.  Should you have any other requirements, please contact me.

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Bespoke Cakes

From simple vanilla cupcakes with a gloriously light buttercream swirl, to triple layered tower cakes, filled with ganache and decorated with swiss icing, all my cakes are individually designed, as per your wishes.

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Private Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make pasta dishes for a party? Or cakes for your day off with friends? Or do you simply want to have a menu that you can trust and make with everyday ingredients from your store cupboard?

I run private classes either here, in Jen’s kitchen, for up to 6 people at a time.  Or in your own home.  Your choice

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