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The Bath Priory Hotel- My Visit

While attending a course last year in the art of entremet, I treated myself to staying in the Bath Priory Hotel, instead of our usual rental apartment.  My reasons? I felt like a little pampering. And always like to try somewhere new. I love to travel, but am not a big fan of travelling by myself. Primarily because I’m such a chatterbox I find it hard to resist turning to the person beside me and starting a conversation! My better half would be joining me after a few days, but for a while I was flying solo.

I flew into Bristol and it was easy to find the bus to Bath.  I had been hoping to get a train, as I’m familiar with the train station in Bath, but after a bit of research went with the bus.  Not being a huge fan of public transport I was a bit iffy (Yes- at this stage I’m sure there are eye rolls about my quirks…), but I had had no need to worry.  It was comfy, warm and had a socket to charge my phone. A big plus!!

Bath Priory Hotel

So I arrive at the hotel, and was a little surprised, it looks like a house (a rather large one mind you!) on a residential street. From the name Priory you would imagine grandeur. And it was.  Lots of corridors and floors, and little nooks and crannies to explore.

I checked in, and the staff were lovely, calm and welcoming. I was looking forward to settling in and unpacking.  I’m BIG on unpacking and nesting into a new environment.
Bath Priory Hotel

I was very impressed with the toiletries. I had never tried L’Occitane before, but immediately fell in love with Bath Priory Hotelthe handcream. Needless to say my hands were soft and smooth for the duration of my stay.  There were tea and biccies in the room too.  Which I always welcome. And I felt relaxed.  Straight away. Which was nice.  As normally it takes me a couple of days to move from frantic running-around-with -lists-and-responsibilty to Jeni about-to-do-a-cake-course.

Of course, after the unpacking, tea drinking, hand cream applying, I had to face going to dinner alone. Never a nice prospect. Firstly the servers like to either put you in a corner (which I prefer), or in the middle of the room.

So armed with my ipad (for blogging) my book (to stop my looking around to see who was looking at me), and my phone, in case I needed to take a picture of my  food 😉

Bath Priory HotelLuckily for me, just like the rest of the staff, the server was extremely professional.  And also luckily for me, the bar was long and winding over a number of rooms, meaning I got a nice little corner, with some cool art (no – not a connoisseur).

The food was lovely, simple and elegant, with nice wine. The menu was short, and well written, the portion sizes could be slightly bigger- but that’s a small point, and I didn’t leave hungry.

Bath Priory Hotel



While we are talking about food- the Priory does a VERY good breakfast.  And I mean a REALLY good breakfast. Although I think they were trying to send me some sort of message.  The buffet was set up in the wine cellar.  VERY tempting.

Breakfast was in the restaurant.  I was going to eat there when Nigel arrived, so it was nice to see it in the daylight. Just my kind of place.  Quiet, lots of tea and fresh bread.  And sunlight, lots of sunlight coming in from big windows that looked out onto the gardens.  Once again, very relaxing.

My course was really inspiring, and that is for another post, but it was soooooo nice to go back to the Priory and lie down for a while after brain overload of cakes and techniques!

Bath Priory Hotel
Canapes from the restaurant

Once Nigel arrived it was so lovely to share the relaxation! I had spent quite enough time on my own! The shopping and course were amazing, but people look at you strangely if you order two desserts cause you can’t decide between the two, and have noone else to order it!!!

Would I go back to the Bath Priory Hotel? Absolutely. in a heart beat. The spa was lovely, the pool a little old and dark, but I was always the only person there, so that made it nice! I do always try, when I go away, to have somewhere with a pool, must have been a mermaid in a previous life. Mind you trips away to a hotel are very few and far between. So that made it even more special.

But to show my commitment to research…. some further pictures of the yummy food. #bringmeback

Bath Priory Hotel
Bath Priory Hotel

Bath Priory Hotel

Bath Priory Hotel

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